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Who are we? 

Well thats not nice just storming in here and asking questions. Where are your manners man ? Didn’t your parents teach you to say hello ? So ok, I’m in a good mood so I’ll fill you in the dark deep secrets of this website: We are actually sponsored by the illuminati and my chef is a unicorn that eats baby devils.

No for real we are just some gamers who are sick and tired of being lied to by huge cooperations like EA or Activision which promise us rich gameplay and immersive graphics and the what do we get for buying a 60$ game: LAGGY, CRASHING, UNCOMPLETED SHIT!!! So we created a website where you can get the game for free and when it suits you and you think it’s worth your money then we encourage you to get the full game


Aren’t you just steeling or pirating?

I think there’s a fine line to walk and a lot of opinions when talking about the difference between stealing and doing something good for the community. When you stream a movie, first of all you know what you are getting into when you pay for your movie ticket and you have no benefit nor ability to give back money to the studio. We are not out to make money of the free games, as you might notice from the absence of ads, your donations are just there to keep the servers up. So it’s more public service then steeling, in our eyes. You are free to disagree with us in the comment section, we are sure to block you from our site XD


Why should I spend money when I have the full game already from your site?

First of all, we are not able to keep up with the update cycle of the developers. We try to keep the newest versions on our servers, but we are never able to guarantee it. Secondly, on some games we have disabled the multiplayer function, since it would cost more money for the developers to keep up there servers when nobody has payed for the original game. Our game usually are not able to integrate with the DLCs that come out for the game, but when huge DLC emerge that could ruin the rest of the game, or cost a lot of money we do add them to our catalog.


Why support the developer when they create “laggy, crashing, uncompleted shit” ?

You shouldn’t. But if you enjoy a game, then you should go help them out. Remember, they make a living from creating games, they have family to support, rent to pay and kids to feed, pay for school and clothes. How would you feel if someone just takes your stuff and never acknowledges you and compensates you for your work?


What if I like the game and want to support the developer, but don’t have 60$ to spare?

There are more ways then just buying the game to help the company and the developers stay alive. Some accept donations, so maybe send 20$ or what ever you think is justified there way. Share the game on facebook, twitter and other social media (the official outlet, not us) so maybe other people who had no idea the game existed will buy it instead of you. Even just liking there facebook page and giving a thumbs up to there videos will help some.


Will I get caught, brought to court, then hanged, my lungs stolen and sold on the black market?

No you won’t, your lungs are fine and you’ll live a happy and peaceful live. IF a publisher does not agree with our concept, they come to us first, not to each individual who downloaded a copy. EVEN IF that was the case, we do not store ip addresses or other personal information which could identify you as a user. So if Activision would thread us with a lawsuit if we don’t stab our friends in the back, we couldn’t do it. So you’re safe. For now 😉


If you have other questions please let us know, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible and insult you in the worst ways you can imagine.