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Download Horror In The Asylum Pc Game Free

Horror in the Asylum free download

Horror In The Asylum Download Free pc Game using single direct link for windows. No waiting , No trials, No survey. Only full version pc game.

Horror In The Asylum is developed and distributed by Adham Jaber. This game released in Feb 2016. Doctors Forced You to take pills every night that cause nightmares, Blackouts and horrible demons attack your mind from the darkest corner and trap you in the worst scenario while you lost in time and space. There is only one solution to get out of this mess i.e Exit Your Dreams which can be done by finding new items. Beware of Monsters which trying to hunt you down.

Horror In The Asylum Features

  • Spooky Ambient Levels with various different areas and different objectives and puzzles to complete
  • Various monster types and behaviors to avoid such as sight detection ,noise detection , and ambushing tactics for unwary players.
  • Logical puzzles , number puzzles, and skill based puzzles .
  • Find and use various items to unlock doors and break into areas to escape the mental hospital.
  • Scary moments that will make you jump in different stages of the game.

Horror In The Asylum pc game System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: intel Core i-5 2.40GHz 2.40GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce GT 540M
  • Storage: 726 MB available space


Horror in the Asylum has a strong concept. That’s what counts for me in Horror Games. The strong atmosphere, the musical score, so terrifying precisely because of its minimalism. But its strong point is the creation of a character who gets in the player head. It made me feel totally unbalanced and unsure of my perceptions. This game creates the feel that you can not trust your mind and that’s intimate storytelling. All the negative points I have read are easily solvable. This game has a soul and that’s not easy to achieve… I’m sure the developer will hear the complaints and will act on them. I’ll keep playing this game and will support the developer. Excuse my English (I’m from Spain). Take care and play safe 🙂

Download Horror In The Asylum Free Pc Games

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