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Download Most Wanted (2) Pc Game Free

Most Wanted 2 PC game free download

avoid speed limit here


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So if realism is not really your thing, you just want to see cars fly and don’t really care about a story, then welcome the streets of Rockport in 2012.


Need for Speed Most Wanted has the same name as Need for Speed Most Wanted (duh!) but was created 7 years later by EA. The lack of a name diffetence makes it harder for us gamers to differentiate them.

Most Wanted revolves around the strive to defeat every racer on the blacklist, with continual increasing difficulty and gaining acces to faster, more powerful and really expensive cars.

The game includes a competitive multi-player which can be directly accessed from the games HUD.There. you’re able to race against fellow gamers and invite your friends to your party. Besides the usual street races there are also challenges like longest drift or king of the hill where you need to stay on a specific region and defend it against your rivals. Sadly there is no way to race against the police in multi-player, maybe that feature will be added in a future update, but I sadly dought it.

There is no way to change the body of the car, add spoilers or intakes, which could make your car more unique and personal. There are on thr other hand upgrade to nitro, suspension and drivetrain. Cars aren’t bought, they are unlocked by level processions.


  • Action packet game with police chase and easy takedowns
  • AI which will block you off and do everything to stop you from racing
  • Fast multiplayer servers with no lag and feature rich gamemodes
  • Smooth and pretty graphics for cars and environment 


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