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Download Stranger Of Sword City Pc Game Free

Stranger Of Sword City pc game download free

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Stranger Of Sword City is developed by Experience Inc. and distributed by NIC America Inc. This game was released in june 2016. It is fabulous RPG game with praise worthy graphics. In this game when your plane flies through a strange rift and crashes, you awake under an unfamiliar sky. This is Sword City, a dark fantasy world that combines magic and technology. Explore, level up, make a perfect team, and slay monsters. But choose your allies carefully if you want to find a way home.

In Stranger of Sword City, you must perfect your DRPG skills and navigate your way through Escario, a place of fantasy races, fierce monsters, and treacherous labyrinths. Explore labyrinths to slay the powerful Lineage Type monsters within and take their Blood Crystals to increase your power. Who you decide to trust, be it the Kingdom, Medell Co., or the Strangers Guild, is entirely up to you. But choose wisely. Your fate depends on it.n your. This title is, at its core, a game about death and fighting against vanishing forever. You will discover new meaning in the choices you make to survive against all odds. You will define yourself by the lives of those you leave behind, by the people you align yourself with, and the experiences you have on each new venture into the dark labyrinths that threaten to trap you.

Stranger Of Sword City Features:

  • Amazing RPG game.
  • Having smooth gameplay.
  • Having a surprising Dark Fantasy.
  • In this game, there is a competition in the Dungeon.
  • Having fantastic visuals and music.
  • Need to master your DRPG skills.
  • Need to switch between western and anime style.

Stranger Of Sword City System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8/7/Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 2.40 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 256MB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 512MB
DirectX: Version 12
Sound Card: DirectX 12

Stranger Of Sword City pc game Review:

Stranger of Sword City is a DRPG – which means a lot of fighting, a lot of dungeons and a lot of loot. All of that, is pretty damn good… except the shell it’s put in, is one that looks years outdated. As always, check the video for the best possible impression

While I enjoyed this title’s core gameplay loop quite a bit, it needs to be said first and foremost… it looks outdated as hell. This is obviously a game from 2014 that was released for a 10 year old piece of hardware… But it’s coming to the PC and here we expect our dungeons to look pretty.

While the overall static art, portraits and monsters look great, the lack of animations, combat effects and otherwise barebones “extra’s” very much detract from the visual experience of the title.

Now, the game is pretty difficult, but while that normally isn’t an issue – other games are hard! – The problem of this games grindy nature, forcing you to level new characters repeatedly to have a healthy pool of characters to switch around does also detract from the gameplay loop of running dungeons.

If you can live with the sub-par graphics and if you enjoy leveling a variety of characters through the same dungeons then this game offers a few things that are damn good.

The gameplay is pretty great. With a large variety of dungeons, monsters, items, classes and many methods of combining them together. Coupled with a unique and interesting twist on the perma-death mechanic it gives the game a sense of adrenaline during combat, while not completely messing you over if a character in your party dies.

The story and world, coupled with the artstyle are damn good. Grim and dark isn’t normally something I feel in an Anime-style RPG, but this game has it down to a T, making me notice that the world they live in isn’t nice and they just have to deal with it. It’s great atmosphere.

The story has a nice level of depth and dominions that allow for a lot of exploration and various plot twists.

It’s a game for the lover of the DRPG and JRPG, and it does a great job at that. But it’s not a perfect game, and comes to the PC already visually outdated.

Download Stranger Of Sword City free PC Game.

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