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So we here don’t make any money. If I think about it we don’t make any money at all. Its not our goal, we didn’t set out to make money. We did this as a side project, just for fun, to fill a necessity that we thought had to be fixed #firstworldproblems . But since then, the website has gained momentum, we are getting very nice comments about our site and we cherish every word. But since games get larger and larger, and we use more bandwidth we had to upgrade our whole server system which took a lot of time a, money and screaming partners. Our monthly cost also increased, so we thought now is a good time to maybe get some help from outside. So we created the SUPER FUN AND SUPER ACTION LOADED GAME: “HOW MUCH SHALL I DONATE?” 


1.Find yourself in one of the levels which matches your description.

2.Do all the required steps + the ones in the levels below you

3.Fell good about yourself



LEVEL 1: You are a person which has no income of her own, lives from the allowance from your parents or generally has not a high income and not a lot of spare time

-Tell your friends about this site and leave a comment

LEVEL 2: You have no or low income but some time to spare

-Think about joining us by visiting the join us page

LEVEL 3: You have some money but no time to spare

-Leave a small donation which suits your liking, look below

LEVEL 4: You have a decent income or allowance and REALY REALY like our site

-Maybe think about a bit larger donation to help us out

LEVEL 5: You live in 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039, USA

-Donate a amount not lesser then 10 $



BITCOIN: 12tL76cAHqGHBAE1GnDo3apwn91oDXHKdf