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Download Xcom Enemy Within Pc Game Free

Xcom Enemy Within Download Free

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XCOM Enemy Within is the expansion to the 2012 Game of the Year award-winning strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Enemy Within adds an incredible array of new abilities, upgrades and weapons to combat new enemy and alien threats. This expansion also introduces new maps and missions, new tactical and strategic gameplay, and new multiplayer content providing a fresh new gameplay experience.

Enemy Unknown’s first full-fledged expansion, Enemy Within, provides just enough incentive to re-experience the tough but rewarding thrill of saving humanity from alien invaders thanks to its new enemies, missions, and additions to your squad’s arsenal. And if you’ve never played the XCOM reboot before, this all-around upgrade is the best way to experience it.

Enemy Within doesn’t start to feel like much of an expansion until a few hours into the campaign, and once its new additions start creeping in, they’re more subtle than blatantly obvious. That means XCOM veterans and newcomers alike will quickly get into the swing of cursing their horrible luck, as Enemy Unknown’s unforgiving structure is largely unchanged.

Xcom Enemy Within Features

  • New Soldier Abilities: Construct the Genetics Lab to physically enhance your operatives’ abilities including augmentations to the chest, brain, eyes, skin, and legs or build the Cybernetics Lab to enable the construction of the new Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit, or MEC. The new MEC Trooper class has specialized abilities and each suit can be upgraded with new weapons including the flamethrower and grenade launcher.
  • New Weapons and Equipment: Give your operatives an extra tactical edge with new projects from your engineering team and the Foundry.
  • New Enemy Threats: Adopt new tactics to counter the threats from two new alien types and a deadly new organization known as EXALT.
  • New Strategic Resource: A valuable new alien resource, known as Meld, has been discovered. Secure it on the battlefield and use it carefully back at base to unlock new research and upgrades.
  • New Tactical Challenges and Maps: Cloak-and-dagger and intelligence operations provide new tactical challenges on over 40 new battlefields.
  • New Multiplayer maps, units, and abilities: Create your custom squad from a wider array of options and dominate your opponent in intense, one-on-one, turn-based matches.

Xcom Enemy Within System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista or later
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core (Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Athlon X2 2.7 GHz) CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB Video Memory NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater
Storage: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.4 GHz Quad Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 512MB Video Memory ATI Radeon HD 3000 Series/NVIDIA GeForce 9000 Series or greater
Storage: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

Xcom Enemy Within pc game Review

If you love Xcom Enemy Unknown, you’re going to love Xcom Enemy Within, a meaty expansion to the already terrific turn-based strategy game that adds plenty of value to those who have already combated the alien onslaught.

To start with this review, we’ll look at new ways to combat your enemies. Xcom Enemy Within introduces Gene Mods and a whole new class to the table: the MECs. Gene Mods are exactly what they may sound like: modifications that allow your soldiers to have slight stat boosts. While this may be handy (and lower difficulty), it’s certainly nothing new to the core game, which already had this concept down with promotions. However, the MEC is something that you will not want to miss out on your next playthrough. These cybernetically augmented soldiers are large killing machines that can deal series damage to your enemies from a distance and up close, but they do not receive the benefit of cover. This opens up a whole new host of strategies, and the MEC is generally well balanced and implemented with the rest of the games features.

In terms of new armour and weapons, Xcom Enemy Within adds a few new ways to kill aliens, however nothing is really notable in terms of standing out amongst the crowd of new features. Unfortunately, new alien species are not present a whole lot in this expansion either. There are two new ones, namely the Seeker and Mechtoid. The Seeker is a stealth unit that can take soldiers by surprise and strangle them, so isolating your squad isn’t a good idea. I generally found the Seeker to be an interesting new enemy, however the Mechtoid only serves to act as counterpart for the new MEC unit. It is one of those heavy-hitter enemies with a large health bar, however in concept the Mechtoid is too similar to the Cyberdisc and Sectoid to really stand out. At the very least, it brings back Sectoids and Sectoid Commanders as escorts, which are definitely support units you’ll really want to get out of the way.

You may be asking yourself: Why are there so few new enemies? This is due to a whole new enemy faction being introduced in Xcom Enemy Within : EXALT. This rouge human organization is responsible for sympathizing with the aliens and sabotaging XCOM activity, and in order to deal with them you will need to send in a covert operative to extract information for several days until an extraction mission shows up. These missions do stand out from the main game and are quite fun, with new/modified maps to go along with them. You’ll either be in a king of the hill style defense mission or one where you’ll need to escort the operative to designated locations, and you’ll be forced to take on the EXALT. The EXALT enemies are comparable to your own: A medic, sniper, normal soldier, and heavy (Along with Elite variants with gene mods and laser weapons). These are generally unique when compared to the rest of the game’s enemies, and the EXALT quest ends with a raid on their base (Which I won’t spoil). To be honest, I found it a shame that there were no missions in the game where a three-way battle between you, EXALT, and the aliens were present, however.

This goes into a related three-mission campaign (comparable to Operation: Slingshot) called Operation: Progeny. The missions are more spread out compared to Slingshot, which was done with quite quickly and early in the game. While I preferred Slingshot’s missions and new character more than Progeny, I still found it to be enjoyable, and it stood out from the rest of the game. However, if you did not like Slingshot or prefer to play without it for whatever reason, I would strongly suggest that you turn Progeny off as well.

Besides EXALT and Progeny, the game adds two other unique missions. One of these is in the game’s main storyline, and is the XCOM Base Defense (YES!!!). You’ll have to defend against waves of alien invaders, and you get control over a fraction of your soldiers as well as security personnel, leading to an expanded squad and generally a blast of a time. My only gripe (and this is a minor one) is that it can appear early in the game if you choose to, and as a result not be too challenging. The other mission is a unique council mission in Canada, and I will not spoil this one. Let’s just say that this mission stands out above the others, and will really push you into a corner in a fight for survival.

Other features of Xcom Enemy Within include Meld, a resource that is scattered throughout the map that expires if you wait too long to retrieve it. This opens up new strategies and will lead you to have a “risk versus reward” mentality, as Meld is necessary for the MEC Troopers and Gene Mods. Either than that, there are a whole host of modified/new maps, which adds a whole lot of variety to the game (I haven’t seen a repeat map as of yet… or have I?) and an expanded tech tree that is welcome. One common thing to note is that all of these new features will make the early game more difficult, but the late game easier.

If you love or even just like XCOM enough to have interest, I would recommend Xcom Enemy Within to you. Don’t expect it to be a game changer in the same way Brave New World is to Civ V, but don’t expect it to be worthless either. If you hate this game, this expansion wont change your mind. With this being said, $30 may be a little too pricey for this expansion, so I would wait for a sale before picking this up. If you don’t even own the base game however, I would buy the Complete Pack so you don’t have to worry about the Slingshot and Elite Soldier add-ons not being in your hands. I would give this expansion alone an overall 8/10, but with the main game this is easily a 9.8/10.

Download Xcom Enemy Within Free Pc Game

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